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This “Turn-Key” home study package gives you a proven step-by-step plan, in fact, everything you need to cash in BIG with your own Import/Export business (And earn between $300 - $2000 a Week or More, without Capital or Risk…)

 Dear friend,

Thank you for looking at this opportunity to make money with your own Import/Export business.

 Please take a moment to consider your future…

 There are considerable benefits to being able to conduct your own homebased Import/Export business on a full or part time basis! In fact there are many advantages to having your own Import/Export business – Here are 8 powerful Reasons why!


1.                  Become financially Independent- Import/Export offers many unique opportunities, not only to make money but to improve your lifestyle. The only limit to your earning capacity is how much time and effort you want to put into it.

2.                  Keep your present job – Many of our successful clients start part time and easily expanded from part time to full time, if and when you make that decision. This business can always be operated in conjunction with other work.

 3.                  Low start up costs – Import/Export is the one business that can virtually be operated from a desk and filing cabinet yet provide you tremendous profits from home.

 4.                  Be your own boss – All the profits belong to you. Nobody else tells you what to do or how and when to do it. Work your own hours, work own schedule. The choice is yours.

 5.                  No Limitations - There is virtually no other business where you can start so small, with so little outlay, and still have the opportunity of developing your business as big as you choose.

 6.                  Equality – There are few businesses that place so little emphasis on your previous background. You don’t need academic qualifications or a business background. Your age, sex or race is unimportant. You just need the know-how!

 7.                  Immediate cash flow – There are no expensive overheads and there is immediate and continuous cash flow. The opportunity is there to make tremendous personal profits. Many people easily earn $300 - $2000 per week or more operating there homebased Import/Export business.

 8.                  Genuine job satisfaction – This is the type of business that can give you the real satisfaction of building your own future and doing something you really enjoy.



 Importing/Exporting is big business offering huge profits- yet it can be started by an individual like you without much capital and expensive overheads like staff or office accommodation.

 Our Australian Import/Export manual provides the essential information you need to get started in this exciting and lucrative business, as quickly as possible. The manual is designed to get you started with the least amount of money (which is almost nothing) and to have a permanent cash flow without risk.

 This is the first definitive Australian guide to making money. The manual shows step-by-step all of the money making avenues which are available to you. If your prepared to work hard, study hard, and follow the instructions in this course, then you could easily earn $60,000 to $120,000 in your first year and even more in your second year.

 Did you know that by mailing just a few letters, you could put together thousands of dollars worth of sales? Receiving huge commission cheques sometimes in US $$$. We are talking about deals that can bring you a lifetime income, even if you stop working. No matter who you are, what business you own or where you live in this country, you can learn how to make a good income doing nothing but acting as an agent. It is an easy business to get into. You don’t need an office or store front. You don’t need retails, clerks or salespeople. You don’t need to invest in inventory. What’s more you don’t have to look for clients. They actually come to you…and they’ll be eager for your expertise and will be prepared to pay you well for it.



 To help you get started, I have put all this information and more into a huge step-by-step manual titled “How to Start an Import/Export Home Based Business”. This detailed manual is over 210 pages that took 18 months to write, and is designed to get you started with the least amount of money and to have a permanent cash flow without the risk. You simply won’t find this information anywhere else.

This manual shows you…  

·        How to set up your business.

·        How to form your business, partnership, sole trader or company.

·        How to find products and track down products that your customers are looking for.

·        How to find buyers and sellers.

·        How Austrade can help you get started and free government assistance.

·        Important banking and foreign exchange procedures.

·        Finding the right freight forwarder.

·        Why the Internet is a great resource and where to look.

·        Custom procedures for Importing/Exporting. What you need to know and what to avoid.

·        Where to get International trade directories for free or just a few $$$.

·        Discover new products and suppliers every month.

·        How much money you will get paid, and how to make sure you get it.

·        How to take the risk out of all your deals.

·        The strategies and sample letters that show you how to get started today.

·        A list of chamber of Commerce from all around the world. This is Vital to the success of your business.

·        And much, much more…


We will show you step-by-step how to operate in a new world, in the world of international trade, without capital and without experience. Our Import/Export manual shows you what to do and how to do it, how to start and profit from your business. It is a set of actions that are very easy to understand and to apply, which you just follow step-by-step. You are not learning theory, you don’t have to memorise things; all you need to do is follow instructions. Literally you could be dealing with your first clients and receiving your first cheques within weeks of ordering your Import/Export course guide.



 Deal in exciting import products…Everything from hi-tech electronics to fine handcrafts! Start with a choice of over 3,000 of today’s best selling imports! Deal in one or many. We will show you how to import goods without even touching them, without risk or capital. Deal direct - cut the middleman, which can produce good income with the gross profits up to 1000 % or more.



Here are just some of the things that our clients are saying about our Import/Export manual. We believe there comments are more important than anything we could possibly say ourselves about the benefits. Please read on…


“Just letting you know that the information pack you sent me has given me an insight into the import/export business to the point where I’m excited to start my own business immediately. It proves to be a valuable asset to me as I will be referring to it from time to time until I have learnt the basic principles of the International Trade business. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to have financial freedom that I need”.

                                                                                                            Michael O’Grady


“The help and support we received was great and the information we received in the very informative information package was invaluable to us. It enabled us to choose the right direction to take for our new business. Keep up the good work”.

                                                                                                     Helen & Brian Smith


“I like to send you my sincere appreciation for the material and personal assistance supplied by your company to my business. Your support was very valuable to me. Your manual is self explanatory and easy to follow. It has showed me the relevant information to build my business. Also several times I was on the phone to you asking for more information and your service was exceptional at all times”.

                                                                                                            Kamel Dai


“I have purchased the import/export manual from Business Opportunity Centre. I have found it incredibly useful, and highly recommend it personally to anyone at any level in this business, especially those who are just starting”.

                                                                                                Hassy Sfar



 You will receive a valuable manual titled “How to Start an Import/Export Home Based Business”, containing over 210 pages. This is the first definitive Australian guide to making money. The manual provides each and every step in starting your own import/export business. It takes you through every aspect of the business- from the simple ways to start and where to obtain your products, through to business proven business methods that make the opportunities that exist in this industry unique. It’s this Australian direction and emphasis which, more than anything else would ensure your success in this profitable field.

 The manual is so complete that it would be almost impossible to take advantage of all the opportunities presented. But once you know the options, the whole range of opportunities become possible. This is one of the only businesses where the amount of money you make is not determined by the hours you actually spend working.

 You are considering ways to generate additional income. It would be almost impossible to find another style of business more suited to this. Here’s just four reasons….


1.      You choose your own hours.

2.      Your basic equipment is a desk or work table and filing cabinet.

3.      The business is easily run part-time and just as easily expanded to full time when and if you make the decision.

4.      The import/export business offers one of the simplest ways possible to make money from home.



 We are pleased to offer a huge saving when you purchase this powerful home based study course. The material contained with the course is usually conducted at a special seminar which costs over $695 per attendee. You may obtain the home study course for just $249 (postage & handling free).

 This is a saving of over $400. It is also a microscopic investment in starting your own home based business and the most worthwhile investment you’ll ever make in your own financial future.



  When you purchase our Import/Export course, you will also obtain the knowledge and skills of an expert to guide you every step of the way. It’s our job to assist you in every aspect of setting up your business. For example:

             *We’ll advise on all the specifics relating to your individual business.

            *We’ll provide full submissions on your product ideas.

            *We’ll also advise on how to best promote your business.

 The cost of these services is usually $160 per hour. They are yours FREE when you purchase our Australian manual – “How to Start an Import/Export Home Based Business!”

 And if we receive your order within 10 days you get the following special bonus offer!

A LIVE Advertising Coaching session (On The Phone Exclusively with Scott Bywater Absolutely FREE! – valued at $450.00). This is absolutely priceless. It means you’ll be able to run your next ad, product or sales letter past Scott to make sure it’s ready to sell.

 Now there is NO WAY to put a price tag on the value of having a world-class copywriter look through your copy. Scott will give you the best and most brutally honest critique available anywhere in the country.



 We are so confident of the benefits that you will receive, that we are happy to offer an exceptional money back guarantee.

 Use the manual for six months. If, after this time, you have put any of the proven money making ideas and strategies to reasonable and practical use and are dissatisfied in any way whatsoever with the results, you may return the manual for a complete refund. All we ask is that you try for yourself.

 With nothing to lose and so much to gain, I urge you to contact us now to receive your materials. It is your first and most important step to starting your own business and enjoying the financial rewards and personal satisfaction that your own Import/Export business can bring.



 We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a great success in your own proposed venture. This is perhaps the best opportunity that you will ever have to start your own Import/Export business. Now’s the time to do something you have always wanted to do for yourself.

An import/Export business can be operated on a full or part-time basis or as a profitable sideline. It can also be run in conjunction with other work.

Once you discover the outstanding benefits of owning and operating your own Import/Export business you’ll regret not having entered this field sooner. And remember…Business Opportunity Centre is here to help you every step of the way.

We look forward to working with you in this business venture and wish you great success!

 Yours Sincerely,

 Warwick Foster

Small Business Resource Centre

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