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7 Powerful Reasons Why Desktop Publishing Is The Ideal Way For You To Make Money At Home!

·         Convenience  – Imagine the convenience of working from home. Forget fighting the traffic just to get to work. Say goodbye to wasted travel time and expense. You simply walk to your own home office and you’re at work. Yes, you’re joining the privileged few who enjoy the 7-second commute. You can easily mix a home-based desktop publishing business with study, raising a young family, a full-time job or a part-time job.

 ·         Immediate Cash Flow – Many people easily earn $300 to $1,700 per week or more operating their own home based desktop publishing business. You can work some-time, part-time, full-time or all the time! It’s up to you. You’re the one who sets your own hours. And best of all, you can start with just a basic home computer, a printer and some easily acquired software.

 ·         Be Your Own Boss – Imagine it. You’re the one who’s in control now. No longer are you a victim of circumstance. Instead you set your own agenda; you choose when you’ll work. There’s no limit to your income apart from your time and how much effort you want to put in.

 ·        High Demand - Every business (small, medium and large) is your potential customer. Every club or organisation can use your services. You can produce:


Annual reports

Business forms




Book covers








Price lists

Wine Lists


Christmas cards



Many, many more

Bumper stickers

Display ads


Presentation –  Slides


Business cards

Greeting cards





The market is enormous! And it’s getting bigger. Companies are outsourcing their “non-core” business functions. They’re outsourcing all their Desktop Publishing requirements. And they don’t care if you’re a home-based Desktop Publishing business. If customers are happy with your work, the quality and your ability to deliver on time, they’ll keep doing repeat business with you. 

·         Low competition - High Profits.  Demand for Desktop Publishing is huge. Competition is limited.  That’s why it’s so profitable. There is so much demand for desktop publishing that the only complaint you’ll ever hear from freelance desktop publishers is that they have too much work! In fact, desktop publishers who have been running their freelance business for several years are so busy servicing their existing customers that they don’t take on any new customers. They’re just too busy.

·         Low start-up costs - Unlike a retail business or a franchise, there are no big loans, no high rents, no long leases, and no staff, no risking your life savings! You probably already have most of the things you need to get started. You can start with a basic home computer, easily available software, a phone line, and a few basic stationary items. Once you start, and money starts rolling in, you can buy bigger and better equipment if you want.

·         Enjoy A Great Lifestyle – Imagine this. You’ve just designed a stunning brochure for your customer. They pay you, and you bank the money. So take the rest of the day off! You can relax... go shopping... watch a movie... look after little ones... visit family and friends... or just enjoy life… or, if you really like the money, you can even keep working. The choice is yours. In Desktop Publishing, you do the work, get paid, bank the money, and then do whatever you want.

·        Career Prestige – If anyone asks you what you do for a living, you can say in all honesty, “I’m a freelance desktop publisher”. People will think you’re smart, professional and highly creative.

OK! How Can I Get Into The Desktop Publishing Business?

 Yes, desktop publishing is the best and most professional home-based business, BUT, and this is a very big but, you have to do it right.

 To make sure you do it right, we have created the ultimate Australian, home-based Desktop Publishing package, called “How To Start A Desktop Publishing Business From Home - A Step-by-Step Guide”, featuring a detailed business manual and five training DVDs.  So please read on…

 Five of Australia’s most experienced and successful freelance desktop publishers wrote the business manual. They all currently run desktop publishing businesses from home, and they have over 60 years of combined experience. Unlike academics, they really know their stuff from many years of first-hand, practical, real-world experience. You get all the inside hints, tips, techniques and secrets that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

 This detailed manual is not a skinny little book. It’s a massive 180 pages of detailed information that took 14 entire months to write, and it’s constantly updated.

 This manual gives you all the inside secrets to starting and running a profitable desktop publishing business from home. The manual is literally "bursting full" with information you need to help you succeed in this business. There’s no padding, no filler, no waffle, no bull, just 180 pages of pure inside information in an easy to read format. You simply won’t find this information anywhere else.

 Here’s just tiny sample of some of the things you’ll discover to help you quickly and easily get started so that you can start making money immediately.

 ·        The amazing secrets of getting new customers for your business that 99% of other Desktop Publishers don’t know about ... and ‘professional advisers’ will never tell you! You won’t find this information anywhere else. You certainly won’t get this information at private colleges, tertiary institutions and universities.

·        How to get repeat business. This is the key to running a successful desktop publishing business from home.

·        Important Desktop Publishing rules that you must follow to ensure success.

·        Detailed, step-by-step work instructions, so you always know what to do. (You’ll have the answer to every question your client asks and become a walking encyclopedia of industry ‘buzz words’)

·        How to set-up your business for success - including the easy way to create a business plan … what equipment you’ll need for your home office (surprisingly little!) … How to work out your living costs and more!

·        How to choose the ‘right’ business structure – sole trader, partnership, company or trust – and avoid ‘start up traps’ that can cost you a fortune! (Exclusive information that only the most clued-in people know - and of course now you!)

·        How to name your business. You have to get your business name right!

·        How to keep your operating costs down without sacrificing quality. This alone will save you thousands of dollars a year.

·        Fundamentals of good design, covering colour, columns, tables, borders, margins, fonts, paper, graphics and images. Find out how the professionals do it, and then, just copy them. Your work will instantly take on a “professional” look.

·        The 105 desktop publishing documents that the market is almost begging for and that will earn you big dollars! (They are incredibly easy to design, what’s more - you’ll see examples of them all over the place so you’ll always have an endless supply of fresh ideas.)

·        The only hardware and software to use…the same ones used by all successful Desktop Publishing businesses. Without this information, you could easily spend thousands of dollars on second-rate equipment!

·        How to get hardware and software at a huge discount. Legally!

·        How to organise your business for maximum profit and earn from $50,000 per annum to $100,000 per annum or more in your first year alone. It only goes up in your second year.

·        What you need to know about bookkeeping but were too afraid to ask (all explained in simple-to-understand English)

·        Tips and tricks for managing your day-to-day business activities so you waste less time and earn more money. Maximizing your billable hours is what it’s all about.

·        How to put together a “beginner’s portfolio”. That’s right, you can have a professional portfolio even though you’ve only just started. 

·        Simple ‘tricks of the trade’ to ensure your business is set up for success!

·        How to price your work to guarantee maximum profit

·        A detailed glossary defining all the Desktop Publishing terms in clear, simple English, so you can talk like a seasoned professional with years of experience. No one will ever know that you’ve just started!

·        Contact information of all the major computer clubs in Australia so you can network and get the latest industry information.

·        Whether you should work by the hour … by the page … by the day … or by the job (knowing the ins and outs of each will make sure you earn the biggest profits possible in any situation)

·        How to take a brief from a client (do this correctly and you’ll set yourself up for thousands of dollars worth of repeat work - do it wrong and it could be a long time between drinks … page 72 shows you how)

·        How to prepare a written quotation - Gotta’ look professional right? Go to page 75 for the simple way to create a quote that will have your client nodding his head in approval (you even get a fully designed sample in the Appendix section - how can you go wrong?)

·        The secret customer service tip that MUST happen exactly 1 week after you’ve completed a job (do this and guarantee yourself tons and tons of repeat work worth hundreds of dollars a time)

·        12 business forms you can use for your own business or sell to your customers!

·        Fundamentals of advertising, so YOU can write fantastic marketing material for your customers. That’s right. We don’t just tell you how to design marketing materials for your customers, but how to write the actual words. This turns your home-based desktop publishing business into a mini-advertising agency. This is how you make serious money. Yes, we show you how!

·        Where to get the best and cheapest Desktop Publishing supplies in Australia, saving you thousands of dollars in supplies each and every year!

·        Much, much more…


And You Also Get Our 5 Personal Tutor DVDs

 That’s right, 5 DVDs. Who’s got time to read dozens of books? Just watch the training videos. This gets you up to speed FAST. Think of them as a personal tutor with a rewind button. You don’t have to worry if you miss anything. Stop the video and play it over and over again until it makes perfect sense. All the presenters are freelance Desktop Publishers who really know their stuff, not pipe-smoking professors that write papers on “theories of design”. This is hands-on, real-world, practical information that would take you many years to discover without these DVDs.

 Learning through DVDs is better than attending crowded seminars, rushed workshops or expensive courses. That’s because you forget a lot of information that you learn by attending courses. With our DVDs, if you ever forget anything, you simply watch the DVD again!

 DVD 1: (1 hr) How To Design And Produce Business Cards, Letterhead, With Complements Slips, And Envelopes

This DVD takes you by the hand, and shows you in detail how to produce highly professional and well-designed business cards, letterhead, with complements slips and envelopes. Learn how to create these common stationery items that every business needs. Get your share of the huge stationary market. Watch the DVD, then start earning money!

 DVD 2: (1 hr) How To Design And Produce Brochures, Flyers, Display Ads And Posters

Discover how you can produce stunning marketing material for your customers. The demand for marketing material is huge. Look at all those brochures and flyers in your letterbox. Look at all the advertisements in newspapers, magazines, yellow pages and other telephone directories. Look at all the posters stuck on walls, fences, and posts and inside shops. Freelance desktop publishers produce most of the marketing material that you see all around you. Why are YOU missing out? Once you watch this DVD, you too will be able to produce brochures, flyers, advertisements and posters the way the professionals do it.

 DVD 3: (1 hr) How To Design And Produce Party Invitations, Wedding Packages, Restaurant Menus And Price Lists.

There is a huge market for Party Invitations and Wedding Packages. In fact, some Desktop Publishers ONLY produce Party Invitations and Wedding Packages, and that’s enough to keep them busy full-time. Restaurant Menus, Wine lists and Price lists are also in high demand, yet so very easy to do. But, just like everything else in Desktop Publishing, you have to do it properly. This DVD shows you how.

 DVD 4: (1 hr) How to Design And Produce Newsletters and Reports

Producing quality Newsletters and Reports is a highly profitable business. That’s because very few desktop publishers know how to do it properly. You can really clean up in this area, and Newsletters and Reports are easy to produce. After you watch this DVD, and apply what you learn, everyone will think that you’ve been designing and producing Newsletters and Reports for years.

 DVD 5: (2 hrs) How To Find New Customers Quickly And Easily

This 2-hour DVD features interviews with three of Australia’s most successful home-based desktop publishers. Filmed in their own home-offices, they give you all their inside secrets of getting new customers quickly and easily. You’ll discover methods that less successful desktop publishers don’t even know about. We can’t give away too many secrets about what’s in this DVD. After you apply what you learn from this DVD, you’ll have all the new customers you’ll ever need – guaranteed!

 WOW! A pretty amazing collection, right? Imagine knowing all this? Nothing is left out. This package gives you all the inside secrets to be successful in this business. Learning all this at private colleges or at seminars would cost you thousands of dollars.  And this is just a tiny, tiny slice of what is covered in the course. There’s simply not enough room in this letter to tell you everything that’s included in our superb desktop publishing package.


There Are No Special Skills Required!

That’s right. You don’t have to be a hotshot typist or even a computer whiz to be successful in this business. You do need some basic computer skills, but you don’t have to be a whiz. Remember, you’ll get much better as you go. From riding a bike to learning to walk, you always get much better with practice.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what sex or race you are. This business is open to anyone with the desire to be successful and the ability to follow simple step-by-step instructions. You could be receiving your first payment for Desktop Publishing services within 1 week of commencing business. Get the package, discover the secrets of how to successfully run your business and then… just do it!


Getting Started Is Quick and Easy!

When you get the package it shows you in clear step-by-step instructions what you need to do to be successful in this business. It’s all laid out for you in simple and easy to understand steps. It tells you precisely what to do.

This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. You can’t just read the manual, watch the DVDs, and then expect the money to magically appear in your bank account. You have to do the work, and do it very well. You have to hit that keyboard, click that mouse. If you just flick through the manual, glance at the DVDs, put it all aside, then do absolutely no work, this ain’t for you. But if you’re prepared to work hard, study hard, and follow the instructions in this course, then you can easily earn between $50,000 and $100,000 in your first year and even more in your second year. It keeps going up each and every year after that. 


Here’s What You Get

The big, fat, beefy Desktop Publishing manual "How To Start A Desktop Publishing Business From Home - A Step by Step Guide" containing over 180 pages of secrets to a profitable business plus the 5 personal tutor DVDs that take you by the hand and show you how the professionals do it. You get a full-time career or a second income for life.


Special Limited Time Offer

This is a very powerful program. This course is normally $1000.00. But now, for a limited time only, you can purchase all the material in the home study course for a ridiculous $297 (including GST, Postage and Handling). That’s a saving of well over $700!

$297 is a tiny investment in your future financial success. You could easily make that back in your first desktop publishing project.

To put it another way, you’ll save thousands of dollars of wasted time and effort on trial and error learning. Get this package, and get it right the first time.

And here’s what else we’ll do to make it easier for you. If you order by Credit Card, we’ll send you the package now, and you can take advantage of our EASY PAYMENT PLAN. Just $148.50 now and $148.50 in 30 days time.

And if we receive your order within 10 days, you get the following 3 FREE BONUSES.

Free Bonus: Sample Desktop Publishing Documents (Value $197)

You get full colour samples of professionally designed desktop publishing documents on CD. You get sample business cards, letterhead, brochures, flyers, display ads, newsletters, reports, invitations, wedding packages, menus, wine lists and much, much more. Use these for inspiration, or you can even copy them! Why struggle? We make it easy for you.

Free Bonus: Three Coaching Sessions (Value $300)

The first piece of work that you do for a new customer must be absolutely stunning. That way, you’ll get repeat business and free word of mouth advertising. So here’s what we’ll do for you. Send us one of your desktop publishing documents that you want critiqued. Send it to us by postal mail, email or fax. One of our highly experienced desktop publishers will critique it for you immediately. We’ll give you detailed advice about improving its design and layout, the copy (the words used in the document), its effectiveness and its appeal. We’ll tell you why it needs improving, and how to do it. You can use this service three times within 12 months. This guarantees that your first few jobs are a total success. How easy is that?

Free Bonus: 1 Year Ongoing Support (Value $500)

We are totally committed to your success. When you invest in the Desktop Publishing package, we give you a 1-year consultation licence and a support telephone and fax number. If you have any questions whatsoever about Desktop Publishing, just phone (or fax) and ask! How’s that for service? This is strictly a 10-day limited offer, because we can only support a small number of people at any one time.


Ok, so here’s what you get:


You get




Manual – “How To Start A Desktop Publishing Business From Home - A Step by Step Guide.”

DVD 1: Business Cards, Letterhead, “With Complements” Slips and Envelopes.

DVD 2: Brochures, Flyers, Display Advertisements And Posters.

DVD 3: Party Invitations, Wedding Packages, Menus and Price Lists.

DVD 4: Newsletters and Reports.

DVD 5: How To Find New Customers Quickly And Easily.



Bonus 1: Sample Desktop Publishing Documents.



Bonus 2: Three Coaching Sessions.



Bonus 3: 12 Months Ongoing Support.









Yes, you get $1997.00 dollars worth of course material for just $297 - But only if we receive your order within the next 10 days!

But we can’t guarantee we’ll keep the price so low for very much longer.

Please, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Don’t kick yourself in years to come, thinking… “If only I got into Desktop Publishing all those years ago when I had that golden opportunity – when I held that letter in my hand - I’d be so much better off now.

Stop dreaming and start earning!

And even if you don’t want to start your own business, having Desktop Publishing skills makes you more employable. It increases your chance of getting a job. That’s because desktop publishing is a high demand skill. It looks good on your resume. It sounds even better at a job interview. You can say: “I also do some freelance desktop publishing for local businesses. Here are some samples of my work”. You’ll get the job for sure!


Here’s what others say:

 “As a mum with young school children, I don’t have a lot of employment options. I need to take my children to school and bring them back again. Who’s going to employ me between the hours of 9.30am and 2.30pm, as well as give me time off during school holidays? I’m glad I got into desktop publishing. While I only make about $170 to $200 a week profit working part-time, that’s money that I wouldn’t have made otherwise. My husband is so grateful. I was only going to do desktop publishing until my children went to high school, but now I want to make a lifetime career of it. I love it.”

Vicky, Minto, NSW

 "Before ordering the course, I was a little hesitant. Now I’m glad I did! When I got my first client, I was rapt. My first job brought in $535 profit for a large wedding. Now I’m regularly doing invitations, certificates, business cards as well as resumes etc, I love being able to work at my own pace and when I like.” 

Christine, Bankstown, NSW

 "My first client was so impressed with the project that he recommended me to other small businesses in my area. Fantastic feeling!”

Warren, Loftus, NSW

 "Good layout and easy to follow.”

 Peter, Kew, VIC

 “Being a desktop publisher is great. I’m my own boss, I get to choose the hours I work, and the money is good. Each day is completely different because every job is different. I get to meet a lot of interesting people. This course is one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen. It’s really easy to understand and follow. It contains lots of useful hints and tips, as well as resources that absolutely no desktop publisher should be without.”

Nicole, Auburn, NSW

 “The promptness of delivery and the support was good. The processes are explained thoroughly and clearly.”

Henry, Kurrajong, NSW

 “The package was easy to follow and has lots of examples of things you can do. Good reference material”

Monica, Rouse Hill, NSW

 “I like the practical ideas on starting a business. I found the videos very useful because they actually show you how to do the work. A very good product”

Karin, Montrose, VIC

 “I really like the videos that tell you how to do things. I also like the help that you get in the first year.”

Bella, Beacon Hill, NSW

 “Excellent package”

Anna, Springvale, VIC

 “The video tutorials have been most helpful. Thank you for a terrific package.”

Kerry, Hughesdale, VIC

 “I like the professionalism of this package. It is very well set out and in simple English, which makes it easy for anyone to follow. Great Work”

Sue, Greystanes, NSW

 “The amount of information provided is extensive and informative.”

Sharon, Riddells Creek, VIC

 “I just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciate your help since I bought your desktop publishing home study course. After only a month in my new business, I’ve got clients that I’m publishing Newsletters for.”

Craig, Loganholme, QLD

 “I’d like to thank you for the desktop publishing package that I recently purchased. If anyone wants to start a successful desktop publishing business from home, this is a must read. This course has blown away all the mystery surrounding the highly lucrative desktop publishing business.”

Cahal, Murwillumbah, QLD

And, just in case you have any doubts, let me offer you our unheard of, 365-day guarantee.

UNHEARD OF 365 day Guarantee

 Don’t decide now if this course is for you. Just get it. Try desktop publishing for yourself. Give it a real go. We offer you a one- year, that’s right, a 365-day, 100%, money back guarantee. Just return the manual and DVDs in good condition. All we ask is that you give it a real go.



We can’t be fairer than that. How many other business opportunities have you seen that let you try the business for up to 365 days? We can make this superb guarantee because we know that if you get this package and give professional desktop publishing a real go, you’ll be very happy with your results.


All Orders Mailed Immediately!

 So order NOW before you get distracted and forget!

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