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Advertising Secrets


Advertising Secrets

How to get all the new customers and hot leads you'll ever need... guaranteed!


Announcing a powerful new advertising course. If you want to skyrocket the response rate of all your ads, this comprehensive course is a must…

Here's How To Write Ads That Bring In All The Hot Leads and Eager To Buy Customers For YOUR Business That You’ll Ever Need… Even If You Flunked English In High School Or Can’t Write A Money Making Ad To Save Your Life!

What you’re about to discover is a risk free, totally guaranteed way to make your advertising more profitable than it ever has been before. All of the techniques in this brand new home study course are proven to make money in the real world! No fluffy theoretical concepts here. Only cash generating strategies and tactics you can plug immediately into your business for rapid and profitable gain!

I can’t promise you’ll become an instant millionaire with this information. But I can promise you will make $5000 extra profit… and I mean $5000 you would not have seen without the cutting edge technology in this course.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you really apply the tools, you will make far more than $5000.


Dear Friend, if you can use more new customers... and I mean TONS of new customers, I've got great news for you. Now there's a powerful new manual that reveals everything you need to know to turbo charge your advertising and bring in all the highly qualified leads and eager to buy customers you’ll ever possibly need.

This manual is written by one of Australia’s hottest advertising copywriters, Alexi Neocleous. It’s titled, Advertising Secrets: How To Get All The New Customers and Hot Leads You’ll Ever Need… Guaranteed!

The strategies in Advertising Secrets can provide you with a large enough income… an income so big that you can quit working in your business… and start enjoying the life you’ve always dreamed of!

You are going to love this!

Imagine this: Next Monday morning you place an ad in the next issue of your local paper… trade journal or magazine.

Within days of your ad running, the phone starts to ring off the hook. People walk in your door. Customers place orders!

Cash, cheques, money orders, and credit card orders fill your register. Your accountant is dazzled at how your business is growing. But you’re not amazed. You have a secret weapon which you’re not telling him about.

You have Advertising Secrets to guide you!

It's important to understand what I've just described is not a fantasy. And it's not magic. This is what happens to businesses when they start to use some of the powerful strategies Alexi has to share in Advertising Secrets.

Why Almost Everybody Is Wrong About How To Write Winning Ads?

Don’t buy into the garbage you see on T.V. about advertising awards. And certainly don’t buy into the fallacy that you need to be creative to write winning ads.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Advertising is not meant to serve as a creative outlet for agencies and frustrated designers. Advertising has one purpose and one purpose only: To Make Money!

In Alexi’s book, if an ad doesn’t make money… it’s a failure. This is what’s called ‘Direct Response Advertising’. This is advertising which is has to make money… otherwise it’s canned!

And in Advertising Secrets you’ll discover a virtual treasure trove cash generating, profit provoking direct response advertising strategies you can plug into your business for immediate and profitable gain.

After all, Alexi should know what works. He charges a minimum of $5,000 for sales letters and up to $1,000 for a simple yellow pages ad!

And if his ads and sales letters don’t pull in the cash and customers… He Doesn’t Get Paid!

On this strict ‘performance only’ basis, Alexi doesn’t have the luxury of using strategies that don’t bring in the $$$. He only ever uses what works!

These are the same techniques Alexi shares with YOU in Advertising Secrets! Insider methods proven to make money in the real world! Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why you are always only one good sales letter away from having all the money you need!

  • 6 cash generating tips guaranteed to make your prospects take immediate action!
    The basics of writing good ads!

  • The finer points of writing great ads!

  • Which option pulls best… telephone, mail or fax? You’ll never guess the answer which will surprise and enrich you beyond belief!

  • Two “magic words” that can quadruple the response of your ads… overnight!

  • Why competing on price alone will put you out of business in a heartbeat… and how to persuade your customers to happily buy what you’re selling… even if you’re more expensive!

  • How to make a 15-second change to almost any sales message which sometimes increases responses by 2,200%

  • How to make your Yellow Pages ad as much as 750% more profitable!

  • The most important component of an ad… and… how to make a slight change to increase your results up to 500%!

  • How to start your ads to get your prospect’s attention, and the insider secrets to keep them glued to YOUR ad any time of the day!

  • The secret technique that instantly doubles the profit of your full-page ads!

  • How to get orders from people who have already decided not to order!

  • The real reasons why people don’t buy from you… and what you can do about it!
    How to turn refunds and complaints into sales!

  • How to totally eliminate all doubt and skepticism from the mind of your prospects!

  • 3 insider secrets to making your prospects get off their butts… whip out their wallets… and give you their money NOW!

  • How to ferret out the real reason why people buy from your competition… and not you!

  • How to write cash generating ads… even if you failed English in high school!

  • The 10 biggest advertising mistakes you can make and why they’re costing you money!

  • The 4 most important and overlooked questions to ask before you can write money making ads and sales letters!

  • The 9 steps you must follow to write emotion filled, profit generating ads and sales letters that your prospects can’t resist… now matter how hard they try!

  • 8 proven ways to make your ads scream out to your prospects, demand their attention and leave your competition in the dust!

  • How to multiply the pulling power of your ads with ‘credibility boosters’ so your prospects believe every word you say!

  • How to make your prospect’s mouth salivate with overwhelming desire for YOUR product… and to take action now!

  • The #1 ‘hidden reason’ why people don’t respond to your ads… and how you can guarantee the cash register rings every time!

  • 13 amazing ‘trade secrets’ you can use to rivet your prospects to your ads!

  • How to make an offer that overcomes all buyer resistance… and leaves your prospect gasping in disbelief!

  • A real life analysis and ‘critique’ of ads and how you can discover my simple secrets for multiplying the profitability of any ad!

  • And much, much more!

    Have you ever seen or heard of a manual that offers so much practical and proven ideas for making bushels of money in your business? I don’t think so!

    Advertising Secrets: How To Get All The New Customers and Hot Leads You’ll Ever Need… Guaranteed! will show you precisely how to flood your business with more new customers, multiply your profits and totally crush your competition… without reducing your prices or resorting to low ball, unethical ‘hard sell’ tactics!

    But that’s not all! There’s even a whole section titled, Ad Critique Clinic. This is where Alexi pulled real ads, from real publications… scanned them into his manual and fully analyzed why they work, why they don’t work… and how to improve them.

    Why is this important to YOU? Because you get the gift of learning how Alexi’s advertising brain thinks! You get into his mind. So the next time you look at YOUR ads, you’ll know exactly WHY they’re not pulling… and what to do to make them bring in the $$$ every time. Before long, you’ll become an advertising expert yourself!

    As far as I’m aware, no other advertising manual… anywhere… has a whole chapter devoted to ad critiques.

    The good news for business owners is that the principles found in Advertising Secrets can be used in any industry: retailers, wholesalers, exporters, direct mail and catalog companies, restaurants, financial services and even medical practitioners.

    Every business can profit. Why? Because of the principles of persuasion and influence are the same for every industry. That’s why they’re called principles. They’re timeless and universally applicable.

    Everything in Advertising Secrets is based upon human psychology… and the normal buying behaviour of the individual! When you understand HOW to influence people’s decision… you can start to ethically manipulate their buying habits (please do NOT purchase Advertising Secrets if you’re intent is to sell a scam of any sort).

    Yes, this manual is a brilliant distillation of the most powerful concepts Alexi uses on a daily basis to make money in his own businesses… and in the businesses of his clients.

    Here’s What You Get:

    If you were to acquire Advertising Secrets on its own, you’d probably be making the best investment possible this month… maybe this year.

    But Alexi wants to ‘sweeten the deal’. He wants to melt away any reason whatsoever for you to turn him down. That’s why you receive $266 in FREE bonuses… when you purchase his manual. With these free bonuses, you won’t be able to resist purchasing Advertising Secrets. Check them out:

    FREE Bonus #1 (Valued @ $27)

    In this report, 8 Powerful Marketing Strategies and Tactics To Skyrocket Your Sales and Add $5000 To Your Profits… Now! you’ll discover a treasure of simple, easy to apply strategies for an immediate and direct improvement to your bottom line profits and cashflow. You’ll be amazed at its content!

    FREE Bonus #2 (Valued @ $27)

    Ask any advertising copywriter worth a damn, and he’ll tell you far and away the most important part of any ad is the headline. It accounts for up to 80% of the performance of the ad (if you screw up the ad, you might as well burn your money!).

    In this report, How To Write Million Dollar Headlines, Alexi reveals many of his simple secrets for churning cash generating headlines day-in-day-out. You don’t know it, but top copywriters don’t write ads like everybody else. They have a little bag of tricks which allow them to perform at their peak, virtually every day. With this report, you’ll gain access to perhaps Alexi’s most important advertising secret.

    FREE Bonus #3 (Valued @ $35)

    Every business, no matter how profitable over the longer term will have cashflow shortages from time to time. When this occurs, you need to have the ability (and knowledge) to create cashflow surges virtually at will. In this report, 7 Quick Fix Strategies For Creating A Cashflow Surge you’ll discover ideas you can immediately apply in YOUR business, when the money is tight and bills and wages have to be paid.

    FREE Bonus #4 (Valued @ $27)

    This report is titled 3 Virtually Unknown Ways To Flood Your Business With Eager To Buy Customers, and in it, you’ll discover 3 of the most potent ways I know to attract more customers and hot leads than ever before.

    FREE Bonus #5 (Valued @ $150)

    You’ll also receive a second opinion ad critique certificate with Alexi personally. This means you can send him any ad or sales letter and he’ll give you actionable ideas and strategies for increasing its response rate or profitability. If you’ve got an ad that is already pulling in good $$$, then his ideas will make it even more profitable!

    Do you have any idea how valuable this bonus is? Now you can run your next ad or sales letter with total confidence that it’s got the greatest chance of being a fantastic success.

    And you get this ad critique, FREE!

    Whoa, that’s quite a list of bonuses. Any one of these bonuses could bring a stampede of customers flooding to your door. But together (and with the Advertising Secrets manual) blowing your advertising response rates off the charts will be a cinch!

    How much is Advertising Secrets? Well, you may be surprised to learn that Alexi charges anywhere between $5,000-$7,000 for a sales letter, if you can hire him (he’s often booked at least a month in advance).

    But you don’t have to pay anything close to that. Investment in Advertising Secrets is only $275 . I don’t have to tell you what a bargain rate this is… especially for such cash generating information as this. Just one technique alone could make you thousands of dollars! For this low investment, you’ll get all of Alexi’s top advertising secrets and the free bonuses (including the second opinion ad critique, valued at $150).

    But wait there’s still more. In order to give you 100% assurance that the techniques you’ll discover are proven money makers… and that they CAN be applied in YOUR business… Alexi is generously willing to extend to you an outrageous ‘double strength money back guarantee’.

    Here’s how it works:

    Guarantee #1

    Acquire the manual… read through the strategies and study the information in the free bonuses. If for any reason (or no reason) you’re not entirely satisfied and impressed with the contents of the course, you can return it for a full and unconditional money back guarantee (less postage and handling, of course). No fuss, no hassles and NO B.S. fine print. Just make the request and a refund is yours.

    Guarantee #2

    Stay with Alexi after the 30 days… and apply his proven money making strategies in your business. If within 1 FULL YEAR you haven’t made an additional $5,000 you know would NOT be there if it wasn’t for Alexi and his manual, I want you to… no, I insist you ask for and get ALL YOUR MONEY BACK!

    All I ask in return is you show me just one way you applied his methods. But wait… his offer gets better. If you DO ask for a refund…

    You Can Still Keep The FREE Bonuses!

    Yep, they’re yours to keep. Including the critique voucher!

    Alexi can’t be any fairer than that. This is a totally risk free opportunity for you. Advertising Secrets will either make you thousands of dollars or it won’t cost you a cent! The worst case scenario is you’ll get a great education with the course… plus… you’ll walk away with hundreds of dollars in FREE bonuses!

    Imagine that: a proposition where you can’t lose! Well, it’s true. But you must act now.

    Surprise Bonus If You Act Quickly

    And if that isn’t enough. Order today and you’ll get another second opinion ad critique… valued at $150…

    Absolutely Free!

    That’s right. You receive another second opinion critique with Alexi personally. This means if there’s another ad you want to increase response on… and pull in more hot leads and customers, send it off to Alexi and he’ll critique it for you and make appropriate suggestions.

    But to get this second critique you MUST order today, now. If you delay your decision you'll miss out.

    If the idea of doubling and tripling your advertising response rates sounds appealing to you… if you’d like to flood your business with all the hot leads and new customers you can handle… if you’d like to achieve record levels of profit, then you MUST order Advertising Secrets now!

    In addition, you’ll also discover these incredible benefits:

    How to multiply the pulling power of your ads with ‘credibility boosters’ so your prospects believe every word you say!
    How to make your prospect’s mouth salivate with overwhelming desire for YOUR product… and to take action now!
    The #1 ‘hidden reason’ why people don’t respond to your ads… and how you can guarantee the cash register rings every time!
    13 amazing ‘trade secrets’ you can use to rivet your prospects to your ads!
    How to make an offer that overcomes all buyer resistance… and leaves your prospect gasping in disbelief!

    Please consider what will happen to your life if you don’t invest in Advertising Secrets… don’t come on this journey with Alexi… and don’t start to utilize the awesome and powerful strategies he has to share with you.

    A year from now you know what your life and business will be like. You will continue struggling day by day. Slaving away in a business that’s making your life miserable. Running ads that are causing a severe drain on your back pocket and cashflow.

    Now consider what your life could be like if you DO acquire Advertising Secrets. Before you know it, your advertising response rates can be soaring. You could be attracting more hot leads and customers than ever before. Your business could be flooded with cash.

    But most importantly: the increase in profits will give you the life you desire – fishing, traveling, spending quality time with friends, and family. Perhaps you’d sell your business and pocket a massive cash windfall.

    Imagine how that would feel!

    Yes, it’s obvious. With profits comes freedom to do the things you love. And all you need to do to give yourself the greatest chance of experiencing all these wonderful benefits, is invest in Advertising Secrets.

It’s easy to order -
call 1800 258 552 and leave your credit card details, or email us and leave your credit card or contact details.

I soon hope to hear about your profitable successes.

Wishing you success and prosperity

Warwick Foster


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P.S. This really is the hottest advertising manual available right now. You’ll discover powerful strategies for blowing your response rates through the roof… causing a flood of new customers… and profiting like never before.

P.P.S. You have Alexi’s double strength, iron clad money back guarantee. If for any reason… or no reason… for the next 30 days you’re not happy with Advertising Secrets, simply return the manual and you’ll get a complete and unconditional refund (less postage and handling). You don’t have to give me a ‘dog ate my homework’ story. Your word is enough.

If you stay with Alexi after the 30 days, and apply his moneymaking advertising strategies, you have a full 1 year to put everything to the test. And if you don’t make an additional $5,000 in profit… you know would NOT be there if it wasn’t for Alexi… you can get your money back. Advertising Secrets will either make you thousands of dollars or it won’t cost you a cent.

And yes, the free bonuses are YOURS to keep no matter. You can’t lose!

P.P.P.S Remember, order now… and you’ll also receive a SECOND advertising critique with Alexi personally. This critique is valued at $150… but yours FREE… if you act fast enough. But you must not delay. Act now while there is still time!